The consortium cooperates with an advisory board whose members have a scientific background and/or are active in the field of occupational health and safety, psychology, work design or occupational health promotion.

The members of the research support group, which consists of general practitioners and medical assistants, support the consortium with regard to the design and implementation of the intervention in the primary care setting.

Management of the research association:

Prof. Dr. med. Monika A. Rieger

Prof. Dr. med. Monika A. Rieger

     Prof. Dr. med. Birgitta Weltermann

Prof. Dr. med. Birgitta Weltermann

Overview of the actors of the research association IMPROVEjob

Institute of Occupational Medicine, Social Medicine and Health Services Research, University of Tuebingen:

Prof. Dr. med. M.A. Rieger, Dr. E. Rind (PhD, UK), Dr. A. Siegel, 
A. Wagner (M.A.), S. Burgess (M.A.)

Institute for General Practitioner Medicine, University of Bonn:

Prof. Dr. med. B. Weltermann, MPH (USA), K. Linden (M.Sc.), L. Degen (M.Sc.), J. Göbel (M.Sc.), M. Schmidt (M.A.)

Department of Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy, Medical Clinic (PM), University of Tuebingen:

PD Dr. med. F. Junne, Dr. T. Seifried-Dübon, F. Stuber (M.Sc.), Dr. med. A. Herrmann-Werner, Prof. Dr. S. Zipfel

Institute for Medical Informatics, Biometry and Epidemiology & Centre for Clinical Trials, University of Duisburg-Essen:

Prof. Dr. K-H. Jöckel, Dr. C. Pieper, V. Schröder (Dipl.-Biol.), M. Brinkmann (Dipl.-Biol.), A.-L. Eilerts (M.A.)

Operations Research, Ruhr-Universitity Bochum:

Prof. Dr. B. Werners, M. Grot (M.Sc.)

Cooperation partners: Members of the Scientific Advisory Board and the Research Support Group

Scientific Advisory Board: S. Esper (M.A.), PD Dr. K. Götz, A. Habrock, Prof. Dr. med. A. Nienhaus, Prof. Dr. H. C. Vollmar (MPH), Dr. A. Wittich

Former members of the research association: Dr. C. Kersting (University Hospital Essen); L. Imhoff, geb. Koppka (M.Sc.), J. Block (M.Sc.)(Ruhr-University Bochum); S. Hartmann, geb. Emerich (B.Sc.), M. Hippler (M.Sc.) (University Hospital Tuebingen), Dr. E. Tsarouha; A. Dreher (M.Sc.); Dr. S. Kasten (University Hospital Bonn); Dr. C. Ose, Dr. J-M. Bois (University Hospital Essen)